Post-doctoral positions in computational physics.

Project Title: First-principles investigation of structures, novel phenomena, and exciting new physics of condensed matters under high pressure, structural design based on CALYPSO methodology and first-principles computation of clusters, surface, and interfaces.

Requirement: The candidate should possess a PhD degree in physics£¬chemistry£¬materials science or a related field, specializing in one or more fields listed below: computational chemistry, computational physics, computational materials£¬theoretical condensed matter physics. Key qualifications include strong analytical abilities and expertise in data analysis, modeling, and simulation. Successful candidate should present a demonstrated record of original scientific work, and arrange to have at least two letters of recommendation sent to
In case of similar qualifications, preference will be given to candidates who can carry out independent research work, had experience in code developing, has a strong interest in theoretical and computational studies of physics and materials, and can communicate well in both spoken and written English.